the collective network of connected devices and the technology that facilitates communication between devices.


In the era of an interconnected world, the Internet of Things is the way we are going to live and work. It is the future of lifestyle on this planet. IoT has quickly evolved from a buzzword to a transformative force, impacting vitally to our daily lives and industries.

What is IoT?

IoT refers to the technology which is the interconnectedness of physical devices and objects embedded with sensors, transducers, different ICs, software and other technologies which is used to collect the data over internet. And it’s also all around us such as household items such as refrigerators, industrial machines and even the entire smart cities belong to this.

According to the concept of connectivity, IoT devices connect and communicate with each other and centralize the system through the Internet which can be remotely monitored, controlled and analyzed.


IoT purely works on the principle of automation which will reduce the human effort though we are using it for the benefits such as:

Efficiency: IoT can make a good decision-making capacity which helps the industries for optimization of various processes, leading to increased efficiency.

In The Case of Development: IoT enhances convenience, safety and comfort in our daily lives from smart home devices to health care applications.

Economic development: The market of IoT creates the opportunity for innovation and job growth fostering economic development.

Future of IoT in my point of view:

I think each material on this earth has Its benefits and challenges Just in a little bit future we may watch industries reach the top levels of success for efficient decision-making quality. Sustainable by monitoring and reducing energy consumption, waste and population.

But on the other hand, we will have less security and privacy for our data.

Growing, managing and scaling will become a completely complex task for us.


IoT is a massive idea that captured the attention of the public, Government, Technical academies, and Industry. Whatever it is, however, it is defined that the attention it generates is valuable because it encourages reflection on the past and future of privacy protection. Privacy is not merely something to be traded upon, as if the data about us were currency and nothing else.

There is plenty of room for people to knowingly divulge personal information in exchange for a service, and for businesses to make compelling cases for a symbiotic relationship with customers. But, when data is gathered invisibly and with weak permissions, or stored without easy ways to delete it, or the uses are poorly explained, or the custodians ...

Every invention has its pros and cons we always remember one thing sir” J. Robert Oppenheimer” told us about his greatest invention

” Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds”

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