Should I learn Java or C++

Should I learn Java or C++

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Many folks got confused while doing DSA, on which language should I start Java or C++. The simple answer is it doesn’t matter which language you should get started with. When a person enters to software line he/she has 2 options either CP or Development works. In India, many folks prefer CP to clear FAANGM types even if they can simply clear it by solving LeetCode or GeeksforGeeks questions. Now coming to C++ or Java you can choose anything you like both languages have similar syntax, meaning the way they are written is comparable are object-oriented programming languages. This is a modular approach to programming that supports:

Inheritance of objects in classes

Polymorphism (programs that use a function for more than one purpose)

Abstraction (the ability to represent essential features without having to include background details)

Encapsulation(allows data and functions to be wrapped into a single unit)

Java can be used for a variety of high-level applications. Java is most popularly used for games, websites, and apps. From game development to scientific applications and everything in between, C++ is secretly powering millions of devices we use every day. From computers to cell phones, video games to space research, you’ll find C++ just about everywhere.

Technically talking about how java differs from C++ :

C++ is platform-dependent and needs to be compiled on every platform. Java is platform-independent. Once it’s compiled into bytecode it can be executed on any platform. Java’s memory management is system-controlled while C++ requires manual memory management. Java has built-in support for comments which allows developers to provide documentation within their source files. C++ does not have support for documentation comments.

Java-VS-C-Programming-Language.jpg Then what should I learn Java or C++? If you are a beginner you should prefer Java first because Most programmers agree that Java is easier to learn first. Java’s syntax is usually easier for new programmers to understand. The syntax requirements in C++ are very strict. It is difficult to write C++ in a readable way and making a single mistake can set off a chain of errors If you have an experience or a hand in 2,3 languages you can choose C++.

You can learn Java or C++ on YouTube completely for free, or if you want an advanced course you can go to the below links

For Java :[]

For C++ : []

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