My University Experience

My University Experience

Kirti Kamal

Hey everyone I am Kirti Kamal I am currently pursuing my BTech (Computer Science) at Trident Academy of Technology. I am about to complete my first year in 3 months. As I am in the first year of college I explored a lot about opportunities, learned many languages, and put my hands on many technologies. As I belong to a tier-3 college there are not much more opportunities in my college even though I never felt that I belong to a tier-3 college because of perfect guidance.

About My Campus:-

My college is situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The campus is very good and the folks are also good but the one thing I can say is bad is the attendance system. You should have to attend all the classes as 75% attendance is mandatory. You have to attend all the labs which have not even a single use in life, which will waste your 3 hours daily.

tat.png Besides this, if want to do something big you can find your extra time and learn new skills and contributes to open source. I have seen many folks in my college who are in 3rd year but they don't have any programming knowledge. They just simply wasted their 1 and 2nd year of college. Even I saw many folks who are just competing with each other to secure more marks in the semester, even they never care about their skills. Relating to this I remembered a thought " A single sheet of paper can't decide your future ".

My Role To Change the Mindset and Misconceptions:-

In my second year, I am going to create a community whose main moto will be to give proper guidance to the newbie. Which will be based on community work and opensource-based projects and how to contribute to and how to start as a beginner. At last overall campus, experience is good it totally depends upon the mindset and suitable guidance, then only tier-3 students can get more packages and opportunities like tear-1 colleges like big IITs and stuff. And the only thing that can make possible these things is hard work and strong determination and a clear and sharp goal in life.

Thank you for reading about my college experience.

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