Mistakes That You Should Avoid In College Days

Mistakes That You Should Avoid In College Days

There are a lot of mistakes that many folks commit during college days while learning new things, in the one hand that is good but we need to clarify them and give them proper guidance. These are some common mistakes that everyone should avoid as a student:

Tutorial Hell

As a beginner, many folks are just stuck in Tutorial Hell. First Tutorial hell is a time in folk’s new developer journey where folks are watching tutorials, able to follow along, and replicate the instructor's work and they even do not use their common sense or concepts to solve the questions and stuff.

Running behind Certificate

Certificates are just simple documents, no one is going to see the certificate. Just try to learn things and technologies. Try to improve your skills. Always try to learn from documentation after learning a particular thing apply it somewhere. If you are following a course for the shake of certificate you are going through a structured environment, and you are not going into the true area of learning. The big companies like MAANG don’t care about certificates because just like you, many folks have also those certificates. So they will not value your certificate they only see the practical experience.

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Spending a Lot of time on Research of Technologies

Many folks like me waste a lot of time on research, they may think about which programming language I should learn or which framework should I learn. One thing that I experienced is that you can’t learn coding without getting your hands dirty on it. It’s all about practice and patience. It’s all about writing actual codes on IDE, not on paper. No matter what technologies or languages or frameworks you choose the only thing matter is your problem-solving skills. You don’t have to be professional in every language once you master one language then the others will be easier for you.

Competitive Programming

Many folks think that CP is everything, one misconception is that through CP only you can get into MAANG but the reality is no CP is required for these companies. Although I never appear for MAANG because I am now in my first year of college, I am just sharing the experience of folks who did it. No one in India doing CP for Programming Olympic that’s why India is in 31st rank in the world. In India, folks are doing CP for the shake of MAANG that’s why India’s rank is too bad.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Many folks compare others with themselves. make sure that you should not do this mistake. In the world of technology software engineering has a very largest ecosystem. In fact, it is growing larger every single day, the number of people who get into tech and the demand for jobs in tech is expanding and the consequence of that is there is no single path. Like if you are interested in Blockchain Development and your friend is doing Android Development or you are interested in Cyber Security but your friend is doing DevOps make sure you should not do these because your friend is doing just do the thing that you like. You should not compare yourself with your friend because you are not in school now that you should compete to get first or something else, here all have a different role to play just follow your passion. Don’t feel jealousy just ask for guidance on how they did, and how you can apply this in your field.


Coding in Isolation

Last but not least, This is one of the major mistakes that a lot of folks did as a beginner they do not interact with other developers. You should have to learn in public and you have to collaborate with other programmers. Stay active on social platforms like Twitter, and LinkedIn. Taking part in coding competitions and coding conversations, and get connect with the folks working on the same projects with other programmers is one of the best ways to improve and build skills.

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