JAVA in Simple Words

JAVA in Simple Words

For those folks who were new to Programming

JAVA! first of all what is JAVA? Basically, Java is an object-oriented programming language that produces software for several platforms. There is no full form of JAVA as such but somewhere it is called Just Another Virtual Accelerator. JAVA was originally developed at Sun Micro-System which has since been acquired by Oracle by James A. Gosling, who was a computer scientist and released as a core component of Sun Microsystem's JAVA platform in 1995. He designed Java by using C/C++. Java is an object-oriented language, which means all programs are made of entities representing the concept of physical things known as “objects”. Its syntax is similar to C and C++, but as compared to both, it has fewer low-level facilities. According to GitHub, Java was one of the most popular programming languages in use as of 2019, particularly web applications for client-server, with more than 9 million developers. download.jpg

Java produces browser-run programs called applets, which facilitate graphical user interface and object interaction by internet users. Java applets run in a web browser called Java Virtual Machine(JVM), which translates Java byte code into processor instructions and allows the program for execution. Java program development requires a Java software development kit which includes a compiler, interpreter, and other tools used to produce a complete application. Java only needs a Java Runtime Environment in order to work regardless of whether it is installed in Windows, Linux, or Unix. Generally, Java is used in Android Applications, Desktop GUI Applications, Web-Based Applications, Financial and Retail Services, and many more. Nowadays Java plays a major role in many student's life as many companies prefer java and Kotlin developers for their work. Many games like Minecraft, RuneScape, Spiral Knight, and SimCity are made by using Java.

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