How To Start Coding As a Beginner

How To Start Coding As a Beginner

"Coding is the most valuable skill that you can build if you are searching for any software-related role"

What is Coding?

First of all, let me make it clear what is coding. It is a process of using a programming language to give instructions to the computer. Let me clarify the word programming language if you don’t know, As usual, we are taking in our native languages but the computer doesn’t understand such languages computer only understands machine code that we write using programming languages, like Java, C++, C, Python, JavaScript, and many more.

How to Start Coding?

Before starting something make the thing clear what is the reason behind your coding? Why Should I Learn Coding?

Let me tell you why should you learn code.

  1. Coding is all about creating things if you are an enthusiastic person you want to build something in the field of technology then coding is absolutely for you.

  2. It Increases your problem-solving skills When you will deep dive into coding stuff you will have to solve the questions by using your brain only.

  3. It helps you to build the skill if you need it actually By using these skills you can earn a lot by freelancing or even grow your community by sharing this stuff with socials. You can get a full-time role in any MNCs.

Which Language Should I Choose?

Many folks got confused while choosing a language. I will suggest you start with either Java or C++. Don’t think much if you can learn any of the languages effectively you can learn another language very easily. One most important things you should remember if you are getting into coding is always to have a positive attitude toward learning new technologies and stuff. Because the empire of technology is very large you have to always be ready to face any kind of situation. So coming back to our topic first choose a language then start to learn the language basics and after basics give a deep dive into that language let’s say for java how packages work or what is polymorphism. Then start DataStructures and Algorithms using that language. After that try to solve questions from online platforms and try to showcase your knowledge by making projects or participating in hackathons.


From Where Should I learn?

Till now you know why should I learn to code and what language should I choose. Then the most important thing that comes into the picture that from where should I learn. The best way to learn a new technology is to learn through documentation, You can also take some online boot camps but before taking just look at the curriculum of that organization because many organization really doesn’t matter about your learning they just make the courses for their business purpose. You can also follow folks on youtube but be aware of clickbait-type content. That’s why I will recommend learning from documentation and being active in the community. Make a good network of amazing people who are really interested in technology, and ask them for suggestions if you are stuck anywhere they will not deny you to help if you have a great network with them.

Don’t fall into the trap of Certificates and Internships

When a folk belongs to a tier 2 or tier 3 college many ed-tech startups will there they will say take our course in this course you will learn from IIT Professors and you will get a certificate from Microsoft or Google. By doing such things they sell their course and as a result, the folk who took the course he/she will suffer afterward. To overcome this don’t run behind internships when you are starting as a beginner, try to master the thing that you are learning then you can apply for internships which will provide you a stipend you don’t need to pay anything for an internship. In many colleges, many WhatsApp groups will say which fields you are interested if you say suppose cybersecurity they will say just take our course and we will make you master in cybersecurity and you will also get a Microsoft verified certificate. Just ask them if your course is really good then why you are selling this course why not you become a master by learning from this course?

What is the best time to start coding?

There is no time or don't wait for the best time to come. If you want to learn you can start as soon as possible. I will recommend start early don’t wait for your college to start. If you are a new who just entered college don’t waste your complete first year to maintain a GP. Start coding in your first semester only don’t try to compete with your friends to secure more marks and stuff. These marks and GP are short-term goals just try to build your skills for long-term purposes. If your college is not asking for 75% attendance then it’s a very good opportunity for you to learn by self-study. Self-study is the best way to learn and explore new technologies and opportunities. Try to make a good friend circle whose mentality matches you and you will also find some fake faces who will be there for you for their own work just stay away from those people and you will also find many folks who will feel jealous of your work just simply ignore them and follow your own path. That’s all about at last I want to say always be humble toward others and always have a positive attitude toward learning.





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